2014 Degler Calendar. Concept Cars by Bertone

The new-for-2014 Collector’s Edition Degler Calendar boasts as its subject matter the ‘Concept Cars of Bertone’.

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You may remember a while ago on crankandpiston.com we brought you the stellar works of Piotr Degler Jablonski, among which was a P4/5 Competizione, a W Motors Lykan, and even an Icona Vulcano. But this was more than just an ego boost. This was all part of the build-up to the 2014 Degler Calendar Collector’s Edition, and its (at the time) unknown theme, which Piotr has now revealed to be the ‘Concept Cars of Bertone’.

And there’s quite a few examples to scour too. The 12-month calendar will include spectacular drawings of a 1947 Fiat Barchetta, 1955 Alfa Romeo Giulietta, 1967 Lamborghini Marzal, 1970 Lancia Stratos Zero, 2003 Bertone Birusa and a 2010 Alfa Romeo Pandion among others. Each print is inserted into a polished 60x40cm carbon-fibre frame, fixed to a black anodised aluminium holder, and printed in Italy on 54x36cm large-format paper. Though the Degler theme will change year-to-year, the 2014 calendar commemorates both Gruppo Bertone – Giovanni’s eponymous Italian automotive design outfit – and the Italian Design Centre in Caprie, where so many of calendar’s subjects were crafted.

As ways to make a debut go, it’s a pretty good one. Since most of these concepts are kept under fierce lock and key with the family crystal and with a couple of sentry Dobermans to be on the safe side, the chances of you finding them rolling past you on the street are minimal.

Oh, and don’t think they’ll be plenty of these new-for-2014 calendars either. While you can pick up a standard Degler Calendar for €65 ($87) and an exclusive edition for €165 ($222), the Collector’s Edition will set you back €300 ($405). And only 2000 examples of the latter will be available.

– To find out more about the Degler Calendar, check out Degler Studio

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