2013 Dubai Motor Show. Spania GTA Spano

Spanish newboys Spania GTA land at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show to unveil the 925hp Spano supercar to the region.

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Not often you find us waxing lyrical on Spanish supercars, but with the Spania GTA landing right on our doorstep at the Dubai Motor Show, we figured we’d make an exception.

Already with more than 20 years of motorsport experience under its belt, Spania GTA took the jump to automotive production, the end result of which was the Spano, which made its debut in Geneva earlier this year. Apparently a car that will ‘mark an era’, the statistics make for interesting reading.

Powered by a 7990cc V10 that kicks out 925hp (yes, you did read that correctly) and 900lb ft of torque, the Spano hits 100kph from standstill in under three seconds and goes on to a top speed of more than 350kph. As well as monstrous power, said performance is made possible by a seven-speed paddle-shift automatic transmission, a slick back rear wing for added downforce, and twin air intakes for the twin exhaust system that incorporate a rear barrel to improve the aerodynamic load. The Spano stands on 19-inch wheels at the front and 20-inch at the rear, shod with 255/35 R19 and 335/30 R20 exclusively made tyres respectively.

Styling is similarly insane, with the Spano’s bodywork all angles, grooves, and sweeping body panels with the occasional razor sharp edge ready to take out a nino’s eye. Built unashamedly as ‘fastest and most powerful automobile ever built in Spain for commercial purposes’, the chassis is a combination of carbon fibre, titaniam and kevlar for lightness and rigidity, a result of production taking inspiration from aeronautical technology.

In an effort to emphasise their ‘strength and courage’ as the company puts it, a wolf was chosen to adorn the company’s emblem. You’ll find only 99 of these moon-howling banshees walking the earth though, so be sure to stay up late.

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