Rennsport Reunion POV at Laguna Seca. Jeff Zwart

Climb on-board a 1953 Porsche 550 Coupe – among others – with Pikes Peak legend Jeff Zwart as he takes in a lap of the Laguna Seca circuit during Rennsport Reunion

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We’re on-board Zwart-ing again today. And yes, it’s another Porsche. Only this time, it’s NOT a 911 Turbo Cup and the Pikes Peak International Hillclimb is nowhere to be seen.

The POV lap from Jeff’s perspective actually takes us for a spin around the awesome Laguna Seca, and was shot during Porsche’s heritage-fuelled Rennsport Reunion back in September. Only there’s a twist: while the Pikes Peak multi-champ begins his lap in a 1953 550 Coupe (among many others), it actually finishes in the 24 Hours of Le Mans-winning 919 Hybrid. If there’s a better way of showing the transition of speed for Porsche across 62 years, we doubt we’ve seen it yet.

Self-appointed Porsche-nut Jeff actually began his relationship with Stuttgart with his parents’ 1964 356C before learning to drive, aged 16, in a 901. By 1993 he was rallying a Porsche, and by 1994, he was taking on the US Pro Rally championship in a Carrera 4. He has since won eight class championship in 11 different Porsches at Pikes Peak.

As well as his POV lap Jeff Zwart also slipped his Director’s cap on to bring us three more videos – ‘Rolling Timeline’, ‘This is Rennsport’, and ‘Legends of Le Mans’ – all of which you can watch below too.

We also thought you might like to see some of these epic shots from the event. The name ‘Camden Thrasher’ might be familiar to a lot of you…

Source – Porsche, Jesse Alexander, Bill Warner, and Camden Thrasher


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