Down on the street. Ferrari Mondial 8

The 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8 was never the most loved car to emerge from the gates of Maranello. Even so, finding one slowly rotting away at the side of the road in a Dubai housing development pains me ever so slightly.

We were given the heads up to this Mondial by Niloy Choudhury on our Facebook page. He’d spotted it last week looking rather sorry for itself and thought we might be interested in taking a took.

Now, I’ve lived in Dubai for a while and have gotten quite used to the fact that cars are generally left alone when parked up. My own project VR6 spent two years sitting outside in another housing development without so much as a scratch being put on the bodywork, so I was a little shocked to see quite how badly the Mondial had been treated.

Half a breezeblock had been thrown through the windscreen and all the other glass had been shattered. Someone’s had a go at removing the wheels as the rear right alloy is sitting at rather a jaunty angle.

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