Wide Open Drift Team. New Drift Car Hits the Sublime

The Wide Open Drift Team unveils its new hoon wagen, which celebrates its debut by drifting around the Sublime Auto Body Shop.


A word to the wise, if you haven’t had your coffee yet this morning, the mini-BOOM at the 17s mark will probably wake up in a hurry.

Of course, given that this is the unveil of Wide Open’s new drift machine, you’d expect a little showmanship. After all, the last time we caught up with the team, they were busy hooning an IS300 around a frozen lake. Chucking said rear-wheel drive machine around Sublime Auto‘s forecourt –with, what appears to be, BBC Top Gear’s The Stig behind the wheel – we’d call an impressive follow-up.

Polar opposites, white and black, from the Wide Open Drift Team. What next then? We rather doubt these guys do grey…

Source – KS-P Productions

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