When the Toyota AE86 met the Nissan S13 Silvia

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Toyota Corolla AE86/Nissan S13 Silvia


HKS 30/37 turbo
Tial MV-R 44MM Wastegate
Top Mount JASMA Turbo Header
Custom 3” Full stainless steel exhaust and HKS dragger muffler
Greddy intake manifold
HKS 740cc Injectors
HKS Top Feed Fuel Rail
FSE Sytec Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator 8mm
FSE Sytec OE External Fuel Pump X02
Bosch 044 Internal fuel Pump
Toda Racing Intake/Exhaust 256 Camshaft Set
Tomei Rockers Stoppers
Tomei 163025 Dual Valve Springs Type-B
Tomei 1mm Oversized Valves
Tomei Metal Head Gasket FR 87.0 x 1.2mm
Toda I-Beam Forged Connecting Rods (136.3mm)
Head Intake/Exhaust port and polish
Wiseco Pistons 86mm
ARP headstud kit
ARP main stud kit
ACL Race Main Rod Bearing
GReddy lightweight Pulleys
GReddy oil catch can
3” Blitz Type-CS Intercooler Kit
AE86 Mishimoto stainless steel radiator
SAMCO silicone hose set
LINK Xtreme G4 standalone ECU


S13 silvia gearbox fitted with a tomi short shifter and OS Twin plate clutch kit.
Custom fitted S13 Silvia rear end (cradle).
Two-way CUSCO Type MZ LSD Diff.

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Work Meister S1 wheels 8.5×16 front 10.0×16 rear.
D-max Carbon fiber hood.
Border Racing Japan Aero Mirrors.
Kouki JDM Redline Taillights.
Origin Lab full body kit.
Vertex front fenders.
Jblood rear overfenders.
S13 Silvia custom rocket bunny rear wing.
Original (brown) tented windows.
Full body strut brace.


EVO7 Recaro seats.
OMP deep dish steering wheel.
Defi Gauges and control unit.
Wilwood hydraulic e-brake.


S13 Silvia adjustable TEIN SUPER STREET with pillowball upper mount.
S13 Silvia steering rack.
S13 Silvia adjustable Front Lower Control Arms Set.
S13 Silvia Nismo Tension Rods.

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