VW Rallycross Beetle. Tanner Foust & Scott Speed

Tanner Foust & Scott Speed Talk VW Beetle Racecar

Tanner Foust & Scott Speed Talk VW Beetle Racecar

The Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand delivered over three million vehicles in the first half year for the first time in the company’s history. A total of 3.07 million vehicles were handed over to customers worldwide, representing an increase of 3.8 per cent. But none of them were anything like this.

Tanner Foust and Scott Speed took delivery of their new GRC Beetles which, thanks to Volkswagen Motorsport and Andretti Rallycross, delivers 540+hp to all the wheels producing a 0-100kph time of less than two seconds. While it would be lovely to think that Volkswagen might produce a road going variant for sale to Mr. Joe Public, increasing the marques sales even more, we aren’t holding our breath.

Go on VW. Go bananas with the Beetle.

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