Volkswagen GTI Roadster Concept. Officially for Woerthersee. And real.

Volkswagen turns virtual into reality this weekend, as it presents the GTI Roadster concept at the  Woerthersee GTI meeting in Austria. 

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Wait a minute. We thought the Volkswagen Vision Concept was only going to appear on Gran Turismo 6 in virtual form? But, as it turns out, Volkswagen is presenting it made real, at the annual gathering of GTI fans on the shores of Woerthersee, which runs from 18-31 May. Only it is now called the GTI Concept.

Designers Malte Hammerbeck, Domen Rucigaj and Guillermo Mignot came up with the winning design that was selected by Klaus Bischoff, Head of Design for the Volkswagen Brand, and Kazunori Yamauchi of Sony Computer Entertainment, the creator of the Gran Turismo series. And we think it looks a bit sexy in its imaginatively named new paint scheme of Gran Turismo Red.

Still no plans for production though players of GT6 will be able to download the virtual GTI Roadster from mid-June.

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