VLN. Nurburgring. The ultimate test of man and machine

Thanks to RSRNurburg we get a sense of life behind the scenes at a mighty VLN race in Germany.


VLN races, or Veranstaltergemeinschaft Langstreckenpokal Nürburgring if you want us to be proper, could be described as the ultimate test of man and machine. Comprising of 10 mini enduro races throughout the European racing season.

Tough, hardcore and comprising of the most eclectic selection of race cars sharing the same strip of asphalt on the planet. It takes balls to race this series… and lots of skill. Getting a hold of english language coverage has been tough over the years, but thankfully that looks to be changing. The guys at RSRNurburg will be releasing episodes of life behind the scenes over the coming weeks and months and we for one will be soaking them up and bringing them your way.

hat tip – Konstantinos Sidiras

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