VIDEO. ‘Voltige’. The perils of repairing a FIAT 500

Follow the misadventures of two (animated) mechanics in this short piece from Léo Brunel  ‘Voltige’ – that tells all you need to know about NOT repairing a FIAT 500.

Voltige Leo Brunel-5

We’ll admit this is unlike what we usually post on, given that it’s an animated short just over a minute long that isn’t a trailer for either Gran Turismo or Forza (and yes, cue shameless self-promotion HERE and HERE). Instead, ‘Voltige’ is what we imagine Nick Park and the rest of the Aardman Animation crew might work on if they took a step back from Wallace and Gromit. For those of us who’s Christmases felt incomplete without the Wensleydale snafflers, it’s difficult not to be enthralled by this short vignette.

Designed and created by Léo Brunel, the story is pretty straightforward. Two mechanics tinker with a FIAT 500 engine before their car lift is accidentally hoisted almost 50ft into the air with both them and said Italian icon on-board. A couple of thoughts do spring to mind, including why two mechanics need such an enormous work space, why such experienced professionals work on the rear-engined 500 from the wrong end, and why returning the FIAT to earth without damaging it requires inspiration from both Cirque du Soleil and the Looney Toons.

Silly? Yep. Entertaining? Absolutely! Trust us, one viewing won’t be enough.

Source – Léo Brunel

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