Petrolicious. Stunning coach-built 1961 Corvette

Petrolicious has done it again with this video of a stunning coach-built 1961 Corvette.

1961 Chevrolet Corvette Petrolicious 01

Gordon Kelly was a Wisconsin, USA-based designer who wanted to design his own sports car. In the early ’60s Gordon travelled to Europe to make that dream come true. Breslow’s Kelly Corvette is a 1961 Chevrolet Corvette bodied by Vignale. It’s a completely one-off motor and, we’re sure you’ll agree, one of the most stunning and unique coach-built Corvettes in the world.

John Breslow, I am not worthy! He is a legend and a man after my own heart, for in this latest video from Petrolicious, our protagonist explains how he drives each of the cars he owns as they were meant to be, including this super-rare Corvette. “Buying a car and have it just sit in a garage just isn’t me,” Breslow explains. “I have a real eclectic car collection, I never sell my cars though so it really doesn’t matter what they’re worth. I’m not sure where the passion for cars came from, my parents weren’t into cars. But, I read this book once by Sir Stirling Moss called ‘All About My Life’, which really got me hooked.” Citing its original builder – a chap called Gordon Kelly – he explains that the Corvette symbolises exactly what the car industry should, but perhaps doesn’t always stand for. And we can’t help but applaud him for that…

Source – Petrolicious

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