VIDEO. Off-road Atom. Ariel Nomad

Simplify. Add lightness. And off-road tyres.

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Remember the Ariel Atom? It’s basically an engine with some wheels attached to it, and it’s an absolute riot. But it is resolutely a road car, designed for hooning around streets and tracks. If you want to venture away from the black stuff in an Atom, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Which is why the arrival of Ariel’s new car is so welcome. The Nomad takes the Ariel philosophy of maximum fun, minimum weight, and transfers it to the dirt and the desert. The Nomad boasts outboard, long-travel suspension, double wishbones and quick steering. Ariel describes is as “half competition, half-road car”, which gives you an idea of its character.

Power comes from a 235bhp 2.4-litre Honda iVTEC, and with a weight of just 670kg, you can imagine the kind of experience it provides. Ariel will spec the car to your choosing – whether your preferred battleground is mud, sand or general all-terrain, they’ll fiddle the dampers, brakes and tyres to fit.

Here’s a video of it in action. Watch it, then try telling us that you don’t want a go.

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