BEHIND THE SCENES. Mercedes Middle East / XDubai. ‘Defy your limits’

Mercedes Middle East and XDubai showcase three high-profile stunts in ‘Defy your limits’ to promote the arrival of three 4MATIC AMGs to the region. went behind the scenes

A message to my fellow expats in the Middle East: do you ever see an image or a video online and think to yourself, ‘only in Dubai’? 

As ways to promote the latest additions to their range, this is a pretty good one, Mercedes Middle East enlisting the assistance of local nutters XDubai, a Hollywood stuntman, and world-class base jumper and a kite boarding champion in ‘Defy your limits’ to promote three new ‘venturesome’ AMGs to the region. 

So, three cars, a trio of adrenaline-dripping stuntmen, and a metropolis featuring some of the most archetypal – and tallest – landmarks in the world. You can probably see where they’re going with this…

First up is stuntman Damien Walters, who believes the most efficient way to climb out of a moving A45 4MATIC – spoilers – is too crawl out of the window and stand on the roof. Kite boarding and kite surfing champion Nick Jacobsen though has him beat, the Danish freestyler tooling up to the Burj Al Arab in a CLA 45 4MATIC and hurling himself from the 28th floor helipad in a record-breaking effort. Even Aston Martin and Red Bull Racing weren’t allowed to do that when they went up there.

Finally, skydiver and base jumper Noah Bahnson completes the action trio in this Mercedes Middle East / XDubai collaboration. The American already has 900 Wingsuit BASE jumps under his belt and has helped break five world records in the discipline, so parasailing behind a GLA 45 4MATIC down the SkyDive Dubai runway, detaching himself from his harness – the madman that he is – and opening a second parachute in free-fall should be a piece of the proverbial by comparison. 

Like I say. Only in Dubai.

Enjoy this Mercedes Middle East / XDubai video?

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