McLaren unveils the interior of the brand new, track-ready P1 GTR.

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New images of McLaren’s brand new P1 GTR ‘driver-focused cabin’ have now been released. The track-ready P1 – which takes its name from the legendary F1 GTR, which took 24 Hours of Le Mans victory with the Kokusai Kaihatsu Racing team in 1995 – will be the basis of a brand new (and highly exclusive) program for existing P1 customers, meaning only 30-35 worldwide will be invited to join.

Amazingly, the über lightweight 90kg MonoCage chassis on the road-going model already meets FIA regulations, meaning the GTR – the most powerful track-only model ever produced by McLaren Automotive – does not boast an additional roll cage. Core features in the stripped out cabin include an FIA-mandated six-point motorsport harness, air-conditioning (for a dash of comfort), and a lightweight DTM-style racing seat, specifically tailored to each individual driver. The other key component is the multi-function steering wheel, on which activation switches for the Drag Reduction System and IPAS system. The steering wheel is of a similar design to that found on McLaren’s 2008 Formula 1 car the MP4-23, the last time McLaren won the F1 driver’s championship (with Britain’s Lewis Hamilton).

Seen for the first time outside it’s F1-tribute livery and camouflage, the Carbon Black P1 GTR – which boasts roof snorkel, engine air intake cavity, revised front splitter and rear diffuser, plus a fixed rear wing – has undergone successful testing at the Bahrain International Circuit ahead of the program’s debut next year at the hands of chief McLaren test driver Chris Goodwin. Drivers committed to the program will enjoy one-to-one tuition and use the same simulator as used by McLaren’s F1 drivers before getting into the car, and are expected to enjoy track-time at some of ‘the most iconic racing Formula 1 circuits around the world’, likely to include Spa-Francorchamps, Monza, Silverstone and – apparently – the Yas Marina Circuit.

Source – McLaren Automotive

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