VIDEO: Driving up volcanoes in a Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

Take one big truck and three lava-spewing mountains. Action!


Let’s say you’re Toyota, and you’ve got to promote a new pick up truck. What would the conversation around the office go like?

“OK guys, this is the Tundra TRD Pro. It’s like the standard Tundra, but with all sorts of cool extra bits on it. What shall we do with it?”

“How about a video walkaround with a celebrity, showing off all the new bits?”

“Nice thinking Jenkins, but we need to go bigger. Any more ideas?”

“I think we should put it in a shopping mall and hand out flyers to people that go past.”

“Shut up Hargreaves, nobody likes you. Come on people, surely someone must have a good idea?”

Silence. Until one voice pipes up:

“Why don’t we give it to some rally drivers so they can hoon it up a volcano?”

“That’s brilliant Smith, splendid thinking. Let’s get Ryan Millen and Andy Bell, they’re probably not up to much. Except… well, one volcano’s a bit too easy, isn’t it? This is the Tundra TRD Pro, after all. Let’s make it three volcanoes. In Chile. That’ll be much better.”

“Good thinking boss!”

“You’re damn right it’s good thinking. That’s why I’m the chief of Toyota marketing. Right, have a crew set off for Chile, and email me when it’s done.”

Source: Toyota

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