Vesaro I Evolve. This or a Porsche Cayman GTS?

If you have a burning desire to compete on-track and $75,000 in spare change, the Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition race simulator may be the perfect addition for your man cave.

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There’s something about playing racing games at the arcade: it’s addictive. Even when my parents told me to switch off the gaming console, it was an unwritten rule that if I was in the middle of a race on Gran Turismo or Forza, it had to be finished. With the rise of the Nissan GT Academy, expert video gamers are given an opportunity to learn to race, on a real world track: just ask crankandpiston contributor Steve Smuts.

Now that we have established that playing video games is actually beneficial – I told you, Dad – we can look at the gear available for hardcore virtual racecar drivers. There is no shortage of arcade size setups for the home, and the Vesaro I Evolve Special Edition most definitely falls under that category.

The system comes with a Formula 1-style steering wheel, a joystick, a professional Cobra racecar seat, and three 55-inch OLED displays. Additionally, the system is able to simulate up to 2Gs of force and comes with its own cable management system. Attention to detail is certainly not ignored, with every component being built to the highest quality.

Then comes the price, which is as high as the quality. Or, more specifically, it’s $75,100. Patience is key because it takes two to three weeks to ship out

So whether you’re up for playing Mario Kart or Gran Turismo, if you’ve got $75,000 burning a hole in your pocket, this seems like a very good option. Or you could opt for a brand new Porsche Cayman GTS and take it to the track. Just sayin’…

– Shots courtesy of Vesaro. Hat tip to and Luke Gilbertson

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