Vesaro 195. Gaming Gold. WANT

$65,000-worth of simulated AWESOME.

Vesaro 195

There have been racing simulators that we’ve featured on before, but this is our new favourite. This is the Vesaro 195, the world’s first 195-inch curved screen set up, and here’s a man playing rally games on it.

It. Looks. Awesome.

Vesaro call it the ultimate set up for professional training, gaming or commercial entertainment, and we ain’t arguing. The screen is basically three 65-inch screens synced together and by gum, it promises ridiculous amounts of fun.

This particular set up features a custom-built Vesaro PC to power the games, and force feedback steering and pedal systems. Audio comes from a 5.1 THX set up, and, oh yes, there’s the DBOX motion set up attached to a Cobra bucket seat to throw you around in sync with the game.

Prices for a Vesaro set up start at just over $34,000, while the kit in the video will cost $65,600. Bargain.

Source: vesarotv

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