UAE Touring Cars. Renault Clio. Intense moment

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We had the displeasure of witnessing this crash at Yas Marina late last season and had that immediate sinking feeling. The amazing thing though, is that sinking feeling was all but instantly rectified as Mr Yusif Bassil, grew wings (do some digging and you’ll get that) shot out of his horrifically mangled and by now on fire, Renault Clio.

Now the angles we are going for by bringing this to your attention is safety… practice… awareness. Yusif’s impact was massive and following that, his ability to operate under extreme stress is something all racers should take note of.  With the impact ringing in his ears, fire making it’s way into the cabin at an extreme rate and a drivers door bent so far out of shape it wouldn’t open, his quick thinking and reactions lead him to looking right and heading out of the passenger door to fresh air and safety.

Take head fellow racers – be safe, know your car.

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  1. I think you’re wrong, he was coming around a bend, car at a dead stop, anyone and everyone would’ve locked up the front wheels… What he did after the wreck is what makes him pro, the fact that he’s racing in a pro league, is an added bonus!

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  3. ouuuuch. there’s no way I could of taken a hit that hard and still reacted as quickly and perfectly as he did. thats why they call them professionals.