Toyota Yaris GR Sport – sporty hybrid hatch makes Paris debut

Toyota’s warm hatch Yaris GR Sport debuts in Paris with the 1.5-litre hybrid powertrain from the standard car

When Toyota ran the 209bhp, 1135kg Yaris GRMN up the flagpole at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show, confirming in the process that this limited run model heralded a more concerted effort to inject some dynamism into its hatchback range, the interest of car fans was well and truly piqued. At the 2018 Paris motor show, the new Yaris GR sport marks the next stage in that plan.

Historically, Toyota has had more success with purpose built performance cars than it has with fettled versions of its mainstream hatchbacks, but the Yaris GRMN was a rare highlight and the GR Sport aims to capture some of that flavour while selling in significantly larger quantities than the 600-unit special.

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