Toyota FT-1. Supra is Go! Go! Go! (Apparently)

Toyota has confirmed that the FT-1 will become the next-generation Supra. Apparently…

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The recent speculation that the FT-1 Sports Coupé Concept from Toyota might possibly maybe be the next-generation Supra has – miraculously – proven correct. Or so we are being led to believe. We have been following the news since it broke and here are the facts as we understand them.

Auto journalist Peter Lyon – from – was the first to break the news. He claims that his source (close to Toyota) has confirmed that “the company is busy developing not only the FT-1 as the next Supra, but a smaller sports car too” which will be “Priced at around $16,000 (in the US), this entry-level sports coupe will slot into the line-up under the successful 86.”

While this is certainly supra-exciting news, we might just wait to hear official confirmation before approaching Toyota with all our money.

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