Top Ten Most Desirable Ferraris. Poll Winner. F40

The results are in on the crankandpiston Top Ten Most Desirable Ferraris poll, and the Ferrari F40 takes the spoils.

With ten of the most exquisite models to bear the famous prancing horse, finding the most desirable was always going to prove difficult. That the Ferrari 288 GTO and the Daytona were towards the top of the list came as no real surprise, but that not much love went to neither the  Ferrari 512 BB/Berlinetta Boxer nor the 250 TR did raise a few eyebrows at the crankandpiston office.

After a week of voting though, it was incredibly close between the 250 GTO and the F40, and while the most expensive Ferrari on the planet put up a good fight, the V8 1980s legend ultimately walked away with the top spot.

We’re hatching another poll, so be sure to check back with crankandpiston soon.

– Shot courtesy of Chester Ng

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