Iso Grifo. Petrolicious. Italian Muscle

Petrolicious takes a look at the Iso Grifo, an Italian sports coupe with a heart of American muscle.

You think ‘Italian sportscar, your mind probably goes to Ferrari, Pagani, Maserati, and (at a pinch) DeTomaso. That being the case, the latest offering from Petrolicious, which focuses on the Iso Grifo from shortlived Italian marque Iso Rivolta, may catch a few of you out.

In theory, the idea of an Italian 2×2 sports coupe is pretty cool. The panache and flare of Italian styling intermixed with the brute force and guttural power of an American bruiser (at its heart, the Grifo boasted a Corvette 5.4-litre V8) ticks a lot of ‘yes please’ boxes. Even Puritalia gave it a go with its new 427.

But in practice? Ah, yes, well…

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