The Uncompromising Legendary Lancia Stratos. Petrolicious

Petrolicious gets the lowdown on one mans love affair with a Bertone wedge – The Lancia Stratos.

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The Lancia Stratos is arguably the most important car in rallying history. As the first car to ever be designed and built for the sole purpose of rallying, it ushered in the modern age of the sport. Winning three successive titles in 1974, 1975 and 1976, it combined lightweight design and a 2.4-litre V6 Ferrari Dino engine to dominate the World Rally Championship. Fortunately – for homologation purposes – they had to make 500 units and the Lancia Stratos Stradale was born.

Phillip Toledano is the lucky pup who owns one of these Stratos road cars (even if he does mainly drive it like a granny) and the guys from Petrolicious hook up for a chat. Keen-eyed viewers may also spot some other automobile awesomeness in the background.

Source – Petrolicious

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