The new Porsche 911 is here – 992 series takes major evolutionary step for 2019

The new Porsche 911 has been revealed. It’s on sale now with prices from $118,855 for a Carrera S

As the iconic model line enters its 55th year in production the new eighth generation of the Porsche 911 has been revealed – although some will consider it the ninth if they class the original short wheelbase cars sold for the first four years of the 911’s life as a model in their own right.

Regardless, for the 992 series the new 911 has passed through an evolutionary process resulting in a car with a further stretching of its wheelbase, widening of its nose, a new PDK gearbox and further enhancements of its turbo-charged flat-six engine. Every new 911 is an important milestone, this could arguably be the most critical since the first water-cooled car was introduced two decades ago.

For the first time since the 997 generation, Porsche’s rear-engined sports car will once again only be offered in a single body size. Unfortunately this won’t be a narrow body, but rather the wider shell that had previously been the reserve of the Carrera S and GTS models. For the new 911, however, Porsche has also widened both the front track and body by some 45mm to create a far more cohesive design and improve front-end grip, stability and traction.

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