The DeLorean Story. Nick Sutton. Debt, Drugs and the DMC-12

‘The DeLorean Story’, newly published by Haynes, tells the company’s controversial story from the perspective of Nick Sutton, a former DeLorean employee who claims to have seen it all.

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Amazing to think that, given the embezzlement, sectarian violence, and FBI drugs sting involved, that the DeLorean’s most iconic Hollywood appearance involved its only model breaking 88mph (141kph) and travelling back in time on several different occasions. The trials and tribulations concerning its foundations and subsequent downfall must surely have been enough to get at least movie producer interested…

This newly published hardback from Haynes – The DeLorean Story – arguably takes its readers closer to the DeLoreon Motor Company’s seedy background than ever before, thanks to the perspective of former company employee – and the book’s author – Nick Sutton.


Belfast’s most famous car company arrived on the scene in 1978, three years after the company was founded. A quick construction of the company’s base of operations saw the first of an eventual 9000 DMC-12s make its debut in 1981, with thousands of pre-orders already under its stainless steel belt. Somewhat lacklustre performance figures – especially considering the then quite costly $25,000ish price tag – brought the DMC-12 immediately under scrutiny, though a couple of gullwing doors managed to sweep that grievance nicely under the rug.


By 1982, the DeLorean dream had turned sour, the company filing for bankruptcy and eponymous chief executive John DeLorean hauled up on drug trafficking and embezzlement charges. Though found not guilty on both counts, his misdemeanours followed him throughout the course of his remaining life, even sparking a veto from British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to stop the re-launch of the DeLorean factory. Dig deeper and you’ll even find that Lotus icon and DeLorean advisor Colin Chapman’s heart attack in 1982 has come under close scrutiny…

If you’re in the mood then for espionage, fraud and conspiracy, then you might want to put the John Grisham down. Sometimes truth is more intriguing than fiction.

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