The BLOODLINE. Ferrari Enzo Vs F40 Vs F50 Vs 288 GTO

You’ve probably heard of Top Gear and you’ve probably heard of Jason Barlow. If not , they are a magazine and TV show based of the UK that have a little clout when it comes to pulling stories together. Well, that’s a bit of an understatement.

Ferrari Enzo Vs F40 Vs F50 Vs 288 GTO

With the La Ferrari floating about now, the guys decided it would be fitting to pull together what they are calling the Ferrari Bloodline as an homage to the red supercars. So sit back and visually perve over the cars that make you stop in your tracks when you see them in the wild. Soak in the Ferrari Enzo, the F40, an F50 and our personal favourite, the 288 GTO.

I’m pretty sure there is nothing left to say. If you disagree, use the comment section below.

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