The Biker’s Cafe. Dubai, UAE. Two Years And Counting

The Biker’s Café – yep, a café for bikers – celebrates its second anniversary in Dubai, UAE. crankandpiston felt it worth joining the open-air barbeque for the historic occasion.

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The last time crankandpiston visited the Biker’s Café for a quick bite, our attention at first wasn’t grabbed by the Yamaha VN900 Classic by the cash register, the bikes and bikers alike piled frame-to-frame across the walls or the reams of short-sleeved embroidered polo shirts in the gift shop. Of course we were suitably impressed with all of these (and the camel meat burger), but it was actually the yellow umbrellas out front – often given as a location reference – that drew our eyes to begin with.

How different our second visit proved. Scores of Yamahas, Harley Davidsons and Victories lined the pavement and the roadway out front for this particular shindig, organised to celebrate the second anniversary of the Biker’s Café in Dubai.

Kick-off at 7.30pm led to an open-air barbeque and a raffle – we checked our tickets but the free iPod Touch went elsewhere – as well as the regaling of this two-wheeled tail or that. There was plenty of giveaways too, with t-shirts and stickers being doled out as well as vouchers for the team’s new Hugo Café stand. Indeed, so enthusiastic was the punters’ support that the crowd was still growing as the clock approached midnight.

“We can’t quite believe it’s been two years already” business developer Mario Diaz mentioned. “But our loyal client base has been getting stronger and stronger since we first opened and we’re sure it will continue to do so. It’s a very special occasion and we’re obviously thrilled everyone has come out to help us celebrate. CEO Mr Khalid Bin Hadher arrived around 8pm and has been full of smiles tonight.”

Manufacturer support had been offered for the anniversary celebrations, but the team decided that this night was for the people. It’s a principal that has served the Bikers Café well since the French windows were first flung open in 2011 and the first customers were invited onto the parquet floor. One imagines it will serve them well for the next two as well.

– Shots courtesy of David Benson

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