Ten things The Fast and The Furious taught us about driving

fast and furious 6

6) “Is this your car, sir?”

If you find yourself in an illegal street race in London, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro, etc, have an eye open for the blues and twos. Police Astras and/or Interceptors will be on the scene within the 35 seconds.

7) Expect a wayward rear end

Traction control buttons tend to automatically deactivate when an engine – any engine – turns over. Let beautifully long tyre-smoking drifts commence, since these are traditionally the fastest means of escape.

8) Suspension, made from the finest titanium

Hit a jump that puts you more than 12-feet in the air and chances are that when you land, your suspension will still be good enough to withstand highway cruising speeds.

9) Correct driving position

Forget ten and two. For the best manoeuvrability, you need only one hand at the top of the steering wheel, the other completely out of sight or clutching a radio receiver.

10) Infinite lives

It doesn’t how many cars you throw at Michelle Rodriguez. She always comes back. Unfortunately

This, in case you were wondering, is what comes of spending two hours of a seven-hour flight watching The Fast and the Furious 6.

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