Startech Widebody. BRABUS’ Range Rover Sport

BRABUS introduces an awesome bodykit for the Range Rover Sport in the shape of the new Startech Widebody.

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Given that this is the Middle East, homeland of all things SUV and ‘conquering desert’-y, and given also that the fourth generation Range Rover will see like the proverbial heated bakery product, there’s not a huge amount more you could do to make the new Range Rover Sport more desirable. Except maybe this…

This is the Startech Widebody, the bodykitted newboy from BRABUS. Last time we caught up with the German manufacturer – yes, Manufacturer – they were busy wheeling out the B63S – 700 6×6 and 690bhp 700 Biturbo at the 2013 Dubai Motor Show. By comparison then the boys at Bottrop have stayed surprisingly low-key, though don’t be fooled into thinking this high-performance looker couldn’t pull your face clean off your skull.

Thanks a newly remapped Land Rover 3.0-litre Biturbo V6, the Startech now kicks out 323hp as opposed to the regular Sport’s 292hp, torque on tap now being raised to 501lb ft from 442lb ft also. Hooked in with an eight-speed automatic transmission, 0-100kph has now shrunk to 6.9 seconds.

That of course would be looking past the cosmetic changes of the Startech. As well as a 25mm lower ride height and new suspension this particular Range Rover Sport now rocks new carbon fibre radiator grille, exterior mirror housings and side air vents and forged 23-inch STARTECH Monostar wheels, as well as that all-important Alcantara interior.

Expect a fair few dirhams to be thrown at the pre-ordering books when the Startech makes its debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show.

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