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Race Builder from Sparco allows you to individualise your racesuit for the track. Why not give the new online configurator a whirl?


With organising bodies across the globe placing an ever-tightening grip on technical innovation (and the coffers that usually fund them), motorsport must find more and more ingenious ways to be creative.

In an effort to draw attention away from his victorious one-fingered salute for instance, Sebastian Vettel has debuted no fewer than 50 different helmet liveries since he made his F1 debut (and you can read crankandpiston’s piece on the work involved HERE).

Alternatively, drivers can also personalise their racesuits, though of course corporate colours and sponsor requirements make even this a little tricky. This didn’t stop McLaren debuting a perilously near-Ferrari red racesuit at the Chinese Grand Prix in 2011 to mark its 30-year anniversary with Hugo Boss. Many may also remember Felipe Massa’s all Brazilian racesuit, which he wore to victory lane at his home event in 2006. It should be mentioned at this point that each of these limited edition creations was auctioned off for charity.


So, we figured we’d give it a go too, thanks to a new Suit Builder from Sparco. The online configurator – which you can put through it’s paces HERE – allows users to customise size, colour, logos and the driver’s name on each suit, which will be tailor-made as per your directions. Professional drifter Federico Sceriffo put this to particularly cool use when he debuted a racesuit designed to look like a kimono.

We’ve already had a play around during lunch, inspired as we were by the colours of the United Arab Emirates, Ayrton Senna’s helmet livery and – naturally – the brand new crankandpiston site design. Regrettably a GCSE in Art is about the limit of my design capabilities, hence why the above attempts are a little…crap.

Why don’t you show me how it’s done though by submitting your best creations to

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