Spa, sideways. 1965 Porsche 911

The fastest way around a race track is smoothly, while trying to maintain traction at all times. But after watching this video of Roman Caresani drifting his vintage 1965 Porsche 911 around Spa Francorchamps, we’re not convinced that smooth and tidy is necessarily the most fun way.

Check out Roman blasting through Eau Rouge with the tail right out and hammering past his fellow classic car owners at high speed. Keep an eye out for the Porsche 904, the Lotus Cortina and the Jaguar E-Type. Tasty. Although how they felt when the 911 skittered past them at twice their velocity, we can only guess.

(We’ve a nagging feeling that we saw this video a couple of years ago, but it’s definitely worth another watch.)

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