SP Engineering. Nissan Juke-R. The Dubai Build

SP Engineering hits Dubai, UAE, to up the Nissan Juke-R ante.


The Juke-R. It was a car that Nissan said would never be built and was purely an engineering exercise, a promise that lasted at least a few months before demand got very high. Indeed, since we drove an example at the Dubai Autodrome just after last year’s Dubai 24 Hours, we were amongst those clammering for a production ready version.

Given that the Juke-R is effectively a Nissan GT-R (a Dubai tuner’s favourite) with a new shirt, it wasn’t overly surprising when two of the three original models made their way to the UAE. They were closely followed by the team at SP Engineering, who last year put their spanners and know-how to work to produce the most powerful crossovers in the world. Their travels included stop-offs at Panda Performance and Alpha Logic, and a whole heap of headaches…

Source – SP Engineering

*Yeah, we realise this video is a few months old, but whimsy took hold after an hour or two in the Google playground.

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