Scary sideways at Spa. LaFerrari

Ferrari’s finest on Belgium’s best. In the rain.


What’s it like to pilot one of the fastest supercars around a very wet Spa-Francorchamps circuit? Pretty damn epic. And also a bit scary.

Join YouTube’s Powerslide Lover as he lives up to his name by getting the back end of his Ferrari LaFerrari out on a regular bases; often on purpose, sometimes maybe not.

It’s often hard to gauge the speed of cars in on-board videos, but keep an eye on the speedo and watch the speed of the LaFerrari in comparison to some very tasty other cars on track. Oh, it’s fast.

Then as a bonus, watch as Mr Lover indulges in a bit of friendly dicing with a Porsche 918 Spyder. What a day out that must have been.

Source: Powerslide Lover

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