Saab 900. Petrolicious. Built to last

This particular Saab 900 – in the latest video from Petrolicious – was saved from scrapheap oblivion and runs as smoothly today as it did when new in 1989.


A Saab on That’s it. Clearly we’ve gone mad.

But panic not, for this is the latest instalment from Petrolicious, and they have a good reason for bringing us Sweden’s finest example of reliability and practicality. It arrived in 1979 with typical Scandinavian eccentricity/innovation, with the four-cylinder engine having been mounted backwards. Let’s not forget that the 900 was also built on the same platform as the 99 Turbo, voted by crankandpiston fans as one of the most memorable hot hatchbacks.

But there’s an altogether better reason. This particular 1989 model belongs to Utah-based Jordan Melville, who not only explains how he saved the SPG from the scrapheap but begins by explaining why the Saab 900 is better looking that both the original Porsche 911 and the original Volkswagen Beetle.

There. That got your attention, didn’t it…

Source – PetroliciousCo

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