Rhys Millen takes on Washington, DC. Red Bull Global Rallycross 2014

Rhys Millen drifts through Washington escorted through the city by a Police motorcade.

Rhys Millen. Hyundai

The Video – A big budget affair promoting Red Bull Global Rallycross featuring Rhys Millen hooning his Hyundai past the Washington Monument and Capitol Building ending his journey at the dirt and gravel racetrack at RFK Stadium where the Red Bull Global Rallycross will take place. Awesome precision driving skills from Rhys – as always – in a professional production from Red Bull that must have been a headache to organise and cost a fortune.

The Rant – I am starting to feel a little numb watching these big budget extravaganza videos and, to be honest, motorsports in general. The last few Ken Block videos made me yawn, the Formula 1 circus lost its appeal to me many seasons ago and rallying, once the epitome of race on Sunday sell on Monday motorsport, now features vehicles with zero resemblance to showroom availability. Drifting has become more about selling shoes and soft drinks and has gone the way of ‘sports entertainment’ following the WWE template. And, concerning this particular video, I am not getting overly excited about Red Bull Global Rallycross. It is all starting to feel a bit played out.

The Conclusion – Perhaps it’s just me and I should get my coat but modern ‘motorsport’ is becoming nothing more than a marketing gimmick that I am less inclined to buy into. And a big budget video featuring an AWD Veloster isn’t going to make me rush out to the Hyundai showroom anytime soon. Or drink more Red Bull.

Source – Red Bull

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