Jaguar XJ220. TaxTheRich. Burning FIRE

Take one Jaguar XJ220. Add fuel. Do burnout… FIRE care of TaxTheRich

Jaguar XJ220. TaxTheRich. Burning FIRE

The Jaguar XJ220 is a rare car at the best of times. It’s fair to say it was a case of wrong time, wrong place when it was launched in the late 1980’s at the Birmingham Motorshow in concept form. Fast forward a couple of years, the world was in the doldrums, flipping cars had effectively stopped and investment funds just didn’t have the cash to play ball. Sadly the XJ220 took the brunt of it and slipped into Super obscurity for many a decade.

That isn’t the case any more though, as more and more are popping up here and there, with an underlying cult status helping fuel it’s resurgence. Throw in some very cool videos and images floating around and that resurgence will continue unabated.

That’s why it is extremely refreshing to see hooning experts TaxTheRich turn their attention to the monster XJ220. We know they love a bit of rare supercar thrashing and the big Jaguar is no exception.

Turn the volume up to max, sit back and watch this XJ220 get its baptism of fire. Literally.

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