Red Bull 7 Star Spin. F1 donuts on the Burj Al Arab, Dubai

Take a Red Bull Racing Formula 1 car, take it to the top of the Burj Al Arab. Apply full lock, bury throttle. Enjoy resulting smoke.

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So, you’ve just won the Formula 1 World Championship for the fourth year in a row, and you have a few days to kill in Dubai before the next race in Abu Dhabi. What do you do?

Naturally, you helicopter a 750bhp Formula 1 car to the top of one of the world’s most iconic buildings, and do some donuts. Silly question, really. That’s exactly what Red Bull Racing did yesterday, atop the seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel, using former F1 driver David Coulthard. They called the resultant burnout, some 210 metres above the Arabian Gulf, the 7 Star Spin.

Former Red Bull race driver Coulthard said: “That was a lot of fun. When Red Bull first suggested the idea to me I said ‘why not?’. I like getting involved with anything that pushes the boundaries and it’s what Red Bull stands for. I think this will produce fantastic, iconic shots in an amazing town and I’m really privileged to be part of it.”

The team is back in action this weekend at the 2013 Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at Yas Marina Circuit.

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