Range Rover Sport. Dubai, UAE. A Spot of Duning

Range Rover Sport hits the dunes in Dubai ahead of regional launch.


Following its launch at the New York International Auto Showand by Mr James Bond, Daniel Craig no less – the new Range Rover Sport has now made the long trans-Atlantic trek and set down in the Middle East. Ahead of its regional launch – due to kick off tonight in Abu Dhabi ahead of it’s Dubai debut next week – the Sport has been putting some final tweaks to bed on the Arabian plains.

Powered by the same stonking 5.0-litre supercharged V8 that gives the Jaguar XKR-S GT it’s destructive power (combined with looks that make grown men weak at the knees), the new Sport kicks out a sizeable 510hp and boasts 50/50 torque. Clearly Land Rover was keen to show this off, a quick demonstration on the dunes putting any doubts of performance to sleep. And if that doesn’t, a sub five second sprint from 0-100kph should do the trick nicely, since that’s quicker even than the new Golf GTI.

We’ll leave you to decide if the new Range Rover Sport could be the next recipient of the UAE-DM look…

Source – Land Rover MENA

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