Racing In Slow Motion. DTM 1993. Tin Top Nostalgia

Fans of tin tops, motorsport heritage and The Dark Knight movie soundtracks will probably get a kick out of the latest piece from Mattzel89.

Having released the fourth instalment in the Racing in Slow Motion series (and a cheeky re-edit of one of the scenes therein), Mattzel89 has this time focused specifically on Germany’s national touring car scene (the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft) for its latest work. Future Ferrari Formula One driver Nicola Larini would ultimately emerge victorious with Alfa Romeo in 1993 after a season long scrap with future Nuburgring 24 Hours regular Roland Asch and Dubai 24 Hours winner Bernd Schneider.

Yep, well done all you eagle-eyes. The Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft originally ran from 1984 through to 1996 before being disbanded thanks to escalating running costs and a loss of manufacturer support. Only in 2000 would the DTM return to the motorsport scene, this time as Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, albeit run by the same outfit – ITR – as its predecessor.

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