Puritalia. “Imagine…?”

“Imagine the legendary American muscle meeting the Italian design…”

I’m sure you’ll agree that, as teasers go, that’s a pretty good one. This tagline conjures up images of a Charger RT mating with a Pagani Zonda, or the monstrous 8.4l V10 from an SRT Viper being slammed under the bonnet of a Ferrari California. You can’t really be sure what the results will be, but you absolutely want to see.

Such is the case with Puritalia’s new supercar, due to hit the public domain in just 29 days. Since the Puritalia powers that be are playing their cards ridiculously close to their chest, we’ve little to go on. But rumours abounding about the two-seater(?)’s 445hp V8 – or possibly even 605hp – are pretty juicy.

For now, we’ll have to content ourselves with a flash of headlamp, an alloy and an air intake. Unless any Puritalia engineers amongst you fancy making some new friends at crankandpiston…?

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