Porsche Cayman R. Delivering In Spades

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Middle Eastern pricing will be announced closer to the model’s on-sale date.

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  1. What a shame!

    When I read the title i thought Porsche had finally gotten over their “911 must remain the fastest Porsche” mentality and really built a great car, alas not.

    The interior of this car is lovely, GT2 Club Sport derived seats, RS style door pulls all give the right impression, I would have liked to have seen an GT3 RS style roll cage on the list, but could live without it, weight reduction of 55KG is nice (155KG would have been nicer, & possible, but OK), then we get to the engine, same old asthmatic 3.4 with a slight ECU tweak to get 10 Bhp…..Come on Porsche!

    If Porsche were making a sincere effort to make a “Cayman R” that was worthy of the title, it would be a limited release track focused car and would have had the GT3 derived motor, pushing 400+Bhp, mated to a close ratio transmission with LSD and use the GT3 centre lock wheels; such a car would be the track day weapon of choice for every enthusiast and would be a sought after, future classic in the way of previous 911 RS models; this “Cayman R” is nothing more than a marketing effort to generate a few more sales before the new shape comes out. How Disappointing.