OVERTAKE GT-R. Carbon Fibre R35. Maiham Media

OVERTAKE dry-carbon Nissan R35 GT-R that’s worthy of a wet dream for fibre fetishists.

Overtake R35 GT-R Carbon

I fully admit to being a bit of a carbon fibre fetishist but only when it is done right. I just don’t get the carbon fibber wrap approach of laying down extra kilograms of sticky vinyl on a car for visual affect. Most aftermarket dress-up pieces of the devil’s weave are chosen for aesthetics rather than functionality or any actual weight saving gains. And don’t get me started on the car manufacturers themselves who deck out the interior of obese luxo-barges with plastic fake carbon trimmings. It is all naff. Stop it.

When it is done right, however, it makes me a bit moist. From a McLaren MP4 12C Monocell to, well, just about everything on a bare naked Pagani Zonda, I can lose hours staring into that hypnotic three-dimensional weave. But the aesthetics are just a happy side effect of the purpose of proper carbon done right. Weight loss.

OVERTAKE in Japan have taken a portly Nissan R35 GT-R and made it drop over 140kg with dry-carbon everything. The performance, braking and handling gains that equates to – even if running a stock engine – would be significant. The fact that it also looks BOSS is just coincidental to its purpose. Me likey the black stuff.

Source – Maiham Media

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