OPINION. Why an unreliable Alfa Romeo is what we want

It’s often said that you can’t be a true petrolhead until you’ve owned an Alfa Romeo. Our man has owned several, and wonders/hopes whether the illuminated engine light will be part of the Giulia owners experience…

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Alfa Romeo’s new Giulia is the car that will break the German’s dominance of the performance saloon market. At least that’s the plan. But under the stewardship of parent Fix. It. Again. Tony., some were hoping that Alfa had left its bad old days behind and it seems, from some reports at least, that it has not.

And with that I had a little smile, because part of me doesn’t want Alfa Romeo to become the clinical clone of ze Germans and judging from a lot of feedback, neither do a lot of others. During the launch program, it was reported that the infotainment system failed, a parking sensor was jammed on and an engine light came on.

This last one sadistically warmed my heart. Having owned several Alfas and loved each one like a wayward child, it gave me a connection and confirmation that not only is this Alfa’s return to sports cars and rear wheel drive but also the illuminated engine light. Every Alfa (and one Maserati) I’ve owned has had this welcome light (which never indicated a fault, it was just on to say hi) and for this alone, I would consider it over the robotic, lifeless BMW M4 or AMG.

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