Dubai 24Hrs 2012. Green Light

The Nissan Juke-R Course Car accelerates away from the starting line, and soon, the baying mob of snarling supercars – and the occasional sport hatchback – follow suit.

A fly-by of the full 74-car grid past the main grandstand takes a little over thirty seconds, the unusually sedate rumble of engines nothing more than a teaser. Soon there is silence.

Crowds keen not to miss the curtain continue to flow into the grandstands as the field completes its first drive-by. Reigned in by the course car, the drivers are oblivious, watching only the heat-hazed tarmac ahead.

Through the final turn, the Juke-R sprints away, its roof lights out. Left behind, the cars enter the banking two-by-two, line astern, the main straight now in sight.

All that remains are the lights above the starting line to change.

Red light. Red Light. Red Light. Green.

Engines scream to life. The ground shakes. The crowd roars. It begins.

Shots by Pete West. Be sure to check out our full gallery HERE

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