The Management Fleet. BMW 550i. End of the Line

There’s a big V8-powered saloon hole in the C&P loft now as the nice people at BMW have decided its time for them to take back the 550i. It’s a shame as we were rather enjoying playing the executive big-shot over the past few weeks behind the wheel of the uber-5er.

It’s good to know that even with the heavy environmental pressures that manufacturers are under to produce cars nowadays, they can still produce a good ol’ big saloon with a monster V8 up front driving the wheels out back.

That formula is one that works so well in whichever bodystyle its thrown underneath. Sure, the middle seat passenger at the back has a bit less legroom that everyone else, but that’s the case with most of the crowd in the mid-size exec class.

The engine proved to have the perfect mix of low-down grunt for unfussed cruising on the motorway, but plenty of fireworks under the right foot when the opportunity presented itself.

As we said, the departure of the 550i has left a big hole in our life – but as the new M5 is just about to land in the region, we’re hoping to scratch that itch for a big V8 saloon very soon.

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