Tesla Roadster. Day Two. To The Streets

Harrying works, it seems. Our constant enquiring, bleeting, and ‘please, please, please’s have finally worn out the guys at Dubai’s Green Car Rental. Having sworn scouts honour that we’ll behave ourselves, the keys to the new Tesla Roadster are dangled before our noses, and it’s not long before we’re hurrying across the car park, two-days of green motoring ahead.

We squeeze our ungainly frames into the Tesla’s miniscule seat and twist the ignition key. There are a few beeps and flashing lights on the dashboard but otherwise no indication that this thing is ready to burn rubber. Selecting drive, we edge silently onto the highways of Dubai and already we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s nothing quite like this.

With an available range of 250km at our disposal, we have Green Car Rental’s words ringing in our ears – the faster you drive it, the lower the range. Screw that! We need to see if this thing can cut it with the pollutant-spewing supercars around here.

Within minutes there’s a huge GMC truck filling the rearview mirror and we decide to give it a good rinsing. Foot flat on the (not so) loud pedal, the Tesla fires for the horizon in a surreal whoosh and the speed with which the gas-guzzler disappears from view is truly incredible.

Time and time again we slow down just to experience the brutal acceleration of this thing. There’s a significant amount of wind noise thanks to the rudimentary canvas roof and the tyres make a racket, too. But other than that, the only thing we can hear is a distant turbine-like whirr that increases in pitch the faster we go. It’s like piloting a miniature space ship. And yes, we absolutely love it.

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