Nissan ‘Super’ Juke. It’s All Gone Bonkers

We are big fans of the Nissan Juke here at the c& loft. Yes, it’s a touch quirky (ok, a lot) but it stands out, is different and doesn’t follow the crowd. Design-wise, the little Nissan is happily different to the rest of the automotive world, but the drivetrain was always more samey and targeted more towards city driving than the open road. It’s never going to win any stop light drag races, or bang in a fast lap at a track day event, but it’s effective at what it does.

However, the diminutive Juke could soon gain the ability to pull off the above performance achievements, if some creative ideas from NIssan engineers make it to reality. We caught up with the guys at Nissan who admitted it is being thought of, but they’re offering no promises yet.

What’s been coined the ‘Super Juke’ is only in the planning/thought/creative zen stage, but with a stripped out interior, more muscular arches, a nasty front splitter and split rear wing, it sounds pretty awesome from here. Oh, and did we mention the throbbing heart of the Nissan GT-R? That too.

Don’t get too excited, as there is still no formal word, bit we’ve been promised news soon. So stand by >>>

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