Ferrari vs Jensen. St Moritz. Mixed Generation

Taking the ‘why on earth did they…?’ questions as read, the Ferrari FF has understandably received its fair share of comparisons: Porsche’s Panamera; the Aston Martin Rapide; even the Lamborghini Aventador. But here’s one most of us were not expecting.

Set against a snow-flushed backdrop in the Engadin Valley, this video from (via chromjuwelen) pits two types of FF against each other: the Ferrari, and a late-1960s Jensen. Both are front-engined, and both are four wheel drive. Yes, power tests would be a trifle one-sided in this bout, with the prancing horse pulling 261 hp more, and reaching 100 kph nearly 5s faster than, its forty year old British rival. But then you won’t find many quarter-mile drags featured here >>>

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