NEW Mercedes C 63 set for Frankfurt

New Mercedes AMG C 63 to make its debut at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show.


It may seem like only yesterday that crankandpiston was at the Algarve Circuit in Portugal putting the typically tyre-smoking runs to the new C 63 AMG S, but Mercedes has already announced that a brand new version will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

The AMG powerhouse will be presented alongside a new coupe-styled C-Class, details of which have recently been released. As well as an overall aesthetic re-design – including, as Mercedes puts it, an upgrade to a higher class of vehicle’ – focus has been on weight saving during the development phase. The new model is expected to boast a weight saving of up to 100kg thanks to an aluminium hybrid body and revised aerodynamics. The new C-Class is also expected to be 95mm longer and 40mm wider than its outgoing counterpart to provide more room in the cabin.


Mercedes being Mercedes, official press material uses key phrases like ‘exudes sensuous clarity’ and ‘arouses emotions’ to emphasise a ‘bold departure from its predecessor’ in terms of the looks. Since we’ve no idea what any of this means, we assume Mercedes has taken a less curved and angular approach for both the new C-Class and its AMG alternative. Rest assured thought that H7 halogen headlamps will come as standard.

Engine options include a 156bhp to 245bhp four-cylinder units plus a hybrid alternative, with a 333bhp V6 due to appear later in the year.

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