Nearly crashing a LaFerrari at the Nordschleife

Losing the back end of a LaFerrari at almost 200kph? Eek.


So, you’re the proud owner of a Ferrari LaFerrari, and you’re enjoying it. After a fun time thrashing around Spa in the wet, you head to Germany’s legendary Nordschleife. You let your friend have a go, and encourage him to drive it flat out. And then at about 195kph, the back wheels lose their grip.

This is not a hypothetical – this happened to Powerslide Lover, a YouTube user who’s rapidly becoming one of our favourites as he charts the exploits of his trip around Europe in his LaFerrari through in-car video. Thankfully his friend had enough awareness to be able to keep the 950bhp hypercar under control, but still. Change of trouser to the Nürburgring please.

Source: Bridge to Gantry

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